Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We have a child!

Last Thursday we got THE CALL! Marc called me at work and told me to call him back outside. I was worried he was going to tell me he lost his job, instead, he told me the amazing news that we have a referral! We couldn't believe we heard after only 5 months on the wait list. It was a very emotional conversation as Marc told me all the details he received from the agency. She is 18 months old and named Elizabeth. We received basic medical records which were reviewed by a pediatrician specializing in international adoptions who gave us a good report, so we have accepted.

Since then, things have stepped into high gear. We are leaving on the 1st of 3 trips on August 21st and will be there for 6 days. We should be notified of our second trip while we are there and the 3rd trip will be 10 days after the 2nd trip. We should be able to bring her home by Christmas. What a present!

We are busy applying for our Visas, making travel arrangements and completing paperwork. Everything should be done just in time for our trip.

What's amazing about all of this is we found out on Emily's 7th birthday. Also, my mum surprised us by coming for a visit on Wednesday (the day before) so she was here for all the excitement, and Emily is due to go to her friend Elizabeth's birthday party the day we arrive in Moscow, rather we are going to visit her sister, Elizabeth (although, she'll still make the party, my mum will take her). These may seem like "coincidences", but I know God has been planning this for a while.

Mum went home on Monday and will be coming back next Wednesday to take care of Emily while we are away. She'll enjoy time with her Nannie.

We are overwhelmed with anticipation and can't wait to meet her. We'd appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we finalize plans.


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