Saturday, August 22, 2009

We have arrived in Moscow

We arrived safely in Moscow this morning. The flight was amazing. We were in business class and the seats layed flat, so we actually got a fair amount of sleep. Great food and lots of room. We could get used to it!

Thursday night was interesting. Just when we though everything was in order, we got a call at 5:30pm from the agency asking us to get some blood tests. Wished they gave us more notice, because we had to scramble to contact our doctors to authorize the tests and get to the lab before it closed, but we got it all done.

In Moscow, were greeted by a driver who took us to the hotel. We got some more rest, then went to explore the city center. We walked around Red Square, saw St. Basil's church, the Kremlin, Lenin's tomb. etc.. We are taking a guided tour tomorrow morning and will try to go inside some of the buildings.

We met with our translator this evening who gave us more details. She will accompany us the entire trip.

We are excited for what the next few days will bring. Will write more as internet access allows.

Natalie & Marc

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