Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Referral Update

The referral department from the agency called us today to confirm some details and it looks like we may receive a referral as soon as August/September. The region we have been assigned to in Russia is sending referrals quicker than others. We are not going to get out hopes up, but it definitely seems like we will be travelling this year sometime. We were originally told it would be up to 14 months. August will be 6 months on the wait list, so that is great news.

We are slowly getting her room ready. Marc removed the baby border (the room used to be Emily's nursery) and we are getting ready to paint the walls a very light purple to match the bedding. My mum visited recently and Emily kindly gave up her room so Nannie could be comfortable. She slept on her sister's bed (to make sure it was comfortable) and assures us it is just right.


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