Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We are leaving for Russia!

WOW, the last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. After accepting the referral we have been busy preparing paperwork and making travel plans. We’ve had a few hiccups along the way. Last week when we booked the plane tickets, there was a glitch on the Delta website and we didn’t realize the tickets weren’t actually booked until the next day when we were preparing to send the confirmation information to the agency. The price of the tickets had doubled overnight! Fortunately, we have enough frequent flyer miles for one trip, so we decided to use the miles for this trip. Marc even had a few extra miles to upgrade us to business class. So, hopefully we will be well rested by the time we get there. There have also been a couple of issues with doctor’s not being overly cooperative, but, thankfully, everything was resolved. Also, our visas didn’t arrive until today (we leave tomorrow), so were a little nervous (to say the least) that we wouldn’t be leaving on Friday, but God was in control.

Some wonderful things have also happened this week. We have received a tremendous outpouring of support and excitement from friends and family. Friends have generously offered financial support, others are praying for us, our employers have been very gracious with the short notice of our trip, and, we have even received some baby gifts (so cute!). My parents are just wonderful. My mum is flying up with little notice to take care of Emily (and my dad is looking forward to his own little vacation :o) Also, the Milford water supply has been contaminated for 8 days, and we were grateful that the boil order was lifted yesterday, just in time for my mum’s visit. That is one less thing she will have to worry about while she is here.

Emily has been great. While she is not showing a lot of excitement, I think inside she is looking forward to finding out more about here sister. I don’t think it is real for her yet since her sister is not home, but that will be soon enough. Her biggest concern is that her sister will mess up her bedroom. I think being a big sister will be a transition for her, but a wonderful experience.

We are not sure if we will have internet connection when we are there, but we will try to update the blog if we can. Unfortunately, we can’t post photos of Elisabeth, because of the agency’s internet policy. We appreciate your prayers for safe travel, Emily’s well being, and that everything will go smoothly with minimal issues.


Natalie & Marc

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