Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back to Russia

We leave for our 2nd trip to Russia tomorrow morning. My mum arrived yesterday to take care of Emily while we are away. It is such a blessing that my mum can stay. Although Emily is sad that we have to go, she really looks forward to spending time with Nannie. Living so far away, these trips are giving them a chance to spend some quality time together.

We have almost everything ready, just need to get a couple of documents notarized at the bank on my lunch break.... oh yeh, and we need to pack. We have a list of medical terms to memorize too, but we will have plenty of time on our long plane ride on Friday and even longer train ride on Sunday. Besides the court appointment on Tuesday, I don't believe we have any other "official" responsibilities, so hopefully we will have lots of time to spend with Hannah. I am not sure if at the end of this trip the court declares her officially part of our family, or if we have to wait until after the 10 day waiting period. I guess we will have to see. All we pray is that it goes smoothly and there are no problems.

Other last few weeks, we've finished her room and brought some books and toys down from the attic. Emily is really intrigued by the baby toys and has spent a lot of time in Hannah's room playing and reading the board books. She's even asked to include some of Hannah's books into bedtime reading time. It's been interesting to see her process all the changes and see her get more and more excited to have Hannah home.
The next month will be very hectic. If all goes well at court, we will be travelling 3 out of the next 4 weeks. But, after that we will be home. Please pray for safe travel, a successful court date, quality time with Hannah and safety for Emily at home.

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