Thursday, September 24, 2009

We'll be home by November 6th

WOW, everything is coming together. We leave in 2 weeks for court. All of our paperwork has been submitted so we are ready to go. All that is left is we have to write a paragraph about why we want to adopt that will be presented at court, take photos of her new bedroom and memorize her medical history. Not too concerned about the 1st 2, but both Marc and I have terrible memories and are not too good with medical terms, but I think over the next 2 weeks we should be able to learn it all.

Assuming all goes well, our 3rd trip will be on October 23rd-November 6th. On that trip we actually have custody and I think we take care of her in the hotel for a few days before we are released to leave for Moscow. In Moscow we process her passport and take her to the American Embassy where she is declared an American, then we can leave. In short 6 weeks, we will be a family of 4 (well, 6, Emily will be upset if we forget the cats).

We appreciate all of your prayers. This has all gone so smoothly that we know God is in control of every detail. Please pray for our safety, that everything is processed smoothly and quickly, and for Emily and my mum back home.

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